Mr Woah

April 06, 2017 - 158 views

The Great One

Mr. Woah Da Great Was Born in Jamaica then came to the United States at the age of 2 to Washington dc an amazing city being raised in D.C is an experience like no other a city so small but in the world eyes so big four different parts to the city its like a whole different city on its own you got uptown N.W where Mr. Woah is from then you have N.E and the south side S.E & S.W all the same city but their all different in their own way but still the same. Mr. Woah started making beats and producing tracks for local D.C artist then while in a recording session with his older brother he asked Mr. Woah to get on A song at first Mr. Woah was reluctant to do a song but eventually, Mr. Woah did the song and from there a MONSTER was created. "Listen to my music and hear what greatness is and watch as the world observes in oooo's and aaaa's GREATNESS "- Mr.Woah Da Great Provided by artist representative


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